Open Houses

Open House for Prospective Parents

        Thursday November 2nd, 2017**

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Kindergarten - 5th grade Visitors Day

Thursday January 18th, 2018** 8am-12noon

Shadow Days for 6th-8th grade - arranged individually

Early Learning Center Preschool Open House

            Wednesday April 5th, 2017** 6:15-7:15pm

**Unable to attend on these dates? We would love for you to visit us - please contact us so we can arrange a mutual convienent date for your tour! 

Call (650) 967-2783 or email

Open House 2017


On *Thursday November 2nd 2017, Miramonte Christian School will have an Open House for prospective parents from 1 pm until 7:30 pm; parents are encouraged to register for a reserved time slot to have a personalized educational consult with our principal and registrar, as well as touring the school and visiting the classroom teachers.

Link to Online Registration

*Unable to attend on 11-2-17 or interested in Shadow Days for your 6th-8th grader? We would love for you to visit us - please contact us so we can arrange a mutually convenient date for your tour!

For information, contact us:

(650) 967 - 2783


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