Hot Lunch Program

Currently, there is no Hot Lunch program on  Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

Tuesday - Bean&Cheese Burrito lunch (sponsored by 6th-8th grade), order Tuesday AM in classroom for $5 + $2 for an extra burrito with meal purchase.

Each Friday a different classroom sponsors a cheese Pizza lunch fundraiser. The proceeds from this lunch benefit that classroom and help pay for field trips, class activities, and enhancements to the curriculum. Order Friday morning in classroom. Price is $5 per lunch + $1 for extra slice with meal purchase.

The menu and price is published in the Miramonte Mainspring - the school newsletter that is sent home every Monday (or the first school day of the week if Monday is a holiday) and can be accessed on the Miramonte website, click here. 

If you prefer to not utilize Miramonte's hot lunch program, you need to send a lunch with your child every day  Parents of children who have food allergies or special nutritional needs should provide their child with a lunch and document the needs with the Teacher and the Miramonte office prior to the first day of attendance.  To minimize classroom interruption, lunches that are brought on campus after the school day begins are to be left with the Miramonte office staff who will make sure your child receives their lunch prior to lunch time.