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Miramonte Christian School began in 1906, was officially founded in 1920, and is owned and operated by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church’s educational system–the second-largest private educational system in the world. Miramonte was established to provide an excellent education in a distinctive Christian environment. Today, Miramonte seeks to meet the needs of parents of any religious affiliation seeking an affordable, family-oriented, Christian educational experience for their child from preschool through 8th Grade. 

The school’s day-to-day operations are administered by an on-campus Principal and office staff and overseen by an elected Board of Trustees. Funding is derived from many sources, including student tuition and fees, donations and grants from individuals and other organizations, and annual earnings from an Endowment Fund. Our beautiful campus is home for up to 200 students and provides an ideal learning environment for children from all walks of life. 

The overriding goal guiding Miramonte Christian School’s operation is to prepare our students to live successful, rewarding lives that are guided by a life-long commitment to values rooted in the teachings of Christ. To this end, the school strives to be a special place for all of God’s children. We celebrate diversity and teach respect for others. We strive to introduce students of all abilities to the gift of knowledge, the wonders of the world God has entrusted to us, and the responsibility to act wisely and thoughtfully in all things.

Academic Program

Miramonte Christian School’s operations are anchored to a strong, mainstream academic program that meets the requirements set by the State of California for all grade levels offered. Our intimate 200-student campus means that our teachers get to know each child’s abilities and learning style. Our faculty and staff continue the system wide educational tradition of encouraging and nurturing children to develop and perform at their highest potential. Single-grade classrooms help to ensure optimal teacher/student instruction and learning. Parent involvement in school activities is welcome and encouraged.


Our curriculum starts with a core subject base that is integrated across all grades to ensure consistent coverage and efficient learning as students progress from grade to grade We also offer a variety of enrichment and advanced placement classes and programs such as band, choir, advanced math and algebra, and shop. With a rich onsite library and active team of librarians, our school promotes literacy and composition through a variety of events during the year. Our Computer lab and mobile laptop cart are equipped with safe enabled computers for students to master software and tools for tomorrow’s needs. Standardized tests are used to measure each student’s learning progress from the 3rd grade on. Our students consistently turn in above average composite scores, and most students score well into 9th grade level performance by the time they complete their 8th year at Miramonte

Beyond the Classroom

At Miramonte Christian School, your child’s learning extends well beyond bookwork. Our middle school students practice teambuilding skills through participation in intramural sports events. All grades participate in a formal Physical Education class, whether it’s on our recently renovated playground, on the track, or in our new gym, our students learn how to care for God’s wonderful gift of a healthy body. Drama and musical programs are practiced and presented throughout the school year in a variety of on and off-campus venues. Throughout the school year, various off-campus field trips open up new worlds of wonder and excitement—inspiring young minds to stretch for new goals. In recent years, multi-day out-of-classroom learning events have included Catalina Island, Hume Lake, Mission Springs, Albion Marine Biology Station, and the Gold Country. 

School Hours

The school office hours are Monday -Thursday 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM  and until 2pm on Friday. The regular school day begins at 8:00 AM for all grades. Dismissal times by grade are as follows: 

Kindergarten through Grade Two:       2:30 PM Monday through Thursday

Grade Three through Grade Eight:      3:00 PM Monday through Thursday

Kindergarten through Grade Eight:      1:30 PM on Friday

After School Care is available (currently enrolled K-8th students only) at an additional cost until 6 pm Mondays through Thursdays and until 5 pm on Fridays.  

Before School care is available at an additional cost from 7-7:30am.