Preschool - Early Learning Center (ELC)

Early Learning Center (Preschool)


    Miramonte Christian School's Early Learning Center (Preschool) program has an educational environment that reflects an active partnership of students, staff, parents and community. We are open to evaluating and using new ideas that foster an atmosphere conducive to developing responsible Christian students. Our education program is approved by the Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and the State of California. Our operations are supervised by a board of directors elected from nine constituent churches. Our school provides a high quality education that welcomes a wide variety of students from a multi-ethnic cross section of Bay Area communities.

    Our Early Learning Center program is a welcoming place for your young child to come and get excited about learning as they prepare for Kindergarten. We nurture the whole child as we focus not only on the academics but the physical, spiritual, emotional and social aspects of each student. 

    MISSION STATEMENT We are committed at Miramonte Early Learning Center to provide opportunities for students to achieve their personal best, become responsible and productive citizens, and embrace lifelong learning in a safe and positive environment. Our goal is to help students become competent compassionate Christians by: encouraging an ongoing, personal relationship with Christ, manifested in our love for others. cultivating active, compassionate, responsible servants of our community and our world. build a loving, accepting community which nurtures the development of respect for self and others. we will teach leadership, cooperation, and willingness to take responsibility. we will encourage a life-long love of staying fit and healthy in mind, body and spirit. we strive to develop life-long learners, enthusiastic problem-solvers and pursuers of excellence. 


    Days of Operation - Monday through Friday

    August -June per school calendar, closed for school holidays

    Open Enrollment dates based on child's age

    Age Served - Children who are 4 years old by September 2, must be potty-trained. Also accepting 3 year olds who are potty trained and academically ready as assessed and determined by Miramonte Early Learning Center Director.

    Hours of Operation - Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. through 6 p.m with class hours 8am-2:30pm. 

    Class size - Small class with 1:12 teacher-student ratio, with a teacher's aide.

    Class visits may be scheduled to give your child an opportunity to experience our program first-hand and for you to observe your child in the Early Learning Center environment.

    PURPOSE To provide an opportunity for each child to experience a quality learning and social environment. 

    GOALS Our goal is to work as a team with parents, sharing ideas and concerns about the growth and development of their children in our care. Every child is a unique, special and creative individual of great value designed for a specific purpose by God. By providing a warm, secure environment, we hope to nurture the well-being of the whole child – spiritually, intellectually, physically and socially, and develop within every child a feeling of self-esteem. 

    The following goals guide Miramonte's Early Learning Center Program in the preparation of the learning environment and curriculum: 

    • To have a Christ-centered approach to learning.
    • To establish an awareness of individuality and personal self-identity. 
    • To build self-control and self-discipline. 
    • To expand freedom of choice and decision-making within reasonable limits and encourage problem-solving. 
    • To establish an awareness and love of God and a respect for creation. 
    • To develop creativity. 
    • To promote curiosity about and an awareness of the world in which we live. 
    • To develop language and conceptual skills. 
    • To provide appropriate play experiences that contributes to the developmental needs of the child. 
    • To develop fine and gross motor skills. 
    • To build good health habits and manners.
    • To provide experiences which will stimulate a sense of personal responsibility and an awareness of the rights of others.
    • To provide a fun, playful atmosphere where children can ask questions.
    • Guidance to develop and strengthen social boundaries, appropriate behaviors and independence.
    • Loving teachers that nurture your child’s social, emotional, educational development.


    The program is an age appropriate, play-based academic program designed to stimulate and challenge each child at their own level. Highlights include:

    • Food experience using a variety of foods and processes in preparation of healthy snacks. 
    • Science and nature with discovery and exploration. 
    • Sensory materials for a variety of tactile experiences. 
    • Art for experimentation in a variety of media stressing creative self-expression. 
    • Manipulative materials for spatial and matching experiences and small motor development.
    • Dramatic play areas for housekeeping, dress-up, play-acting roles and practical life experiences. 
    • Pre-writing experiences using cutting, coloring and small motor development. 
    • Pre-reading experiences using books, listening opportunities and language development. 
    • Motor perception with body and spatial awareness and the development of integrated motor skills. 
    • Thematic areas in the classroom to encourage children to think and discover for themselves.

    SNACK Morning snack is eaten as a group and prepared by the teacher. 

    LUNCH Lunch is served at 11:30 a.m. Our goal is that you send balanced vegetarian meals that include a variety of choices that are low in sugar, salt and fats. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables should be included for development of positive eating habits. 

    Hot Lunch service Monday, Wednesday and Thursday is currently suspended while a new provider is located.  Tuesday and Friday hot lunch fundraisers are currently suspended while the school kitchen is upgraded. The hot lunch service is listed in the weekly Miramonte Mainspring newsletter

    You must send lunch with your child every day. Parents of children who have food allergies or special nutritional needs should provide their child with a homemade lunch and document the needs with the Teacher and the Administrator prior to the first day of attendance. To minimize classroom interruption, lunches that are brought on campus after the school day begins are to be left with the school secretary. They will make sure your child receives their lunch prior to lunch time. 

    REST TIME Rest time will be taken in the early afternoon. Parents are to purchase 1 Rollee Pollee nap map from the office for naptime and are to launder them once per week. Purchase price is $20.00. 


    7:30 Drop off Sign-In and Free play

    8:15 Worship

    8:30 Free Play

    9:00 Circle Time

    9:15 Snack

    9:30 Outside Play M-W,F: Th Library @ 9:25

    10:00 Music and Movement

    10:10 Structured Group Time

    10:45 Free Play

    11:15 Spanish

    11:20 Lunch

    11:45 Outside Play

    12:15 Story Time

    12:30 Rest Time

    1:45 Quiet Play Inside

    2:30 Gather Time

    2:40 Snack

    3:00 Outside Play

    6:00 End of pickup time