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Welcome to Aiming High, our new quarterly newsletter that shares our school’s achievements and successes.

Language is a wonderful thing. There are subtleties in words’ meanings that can take on new or different paths of thought. (I am not a linguist, so Google is my friend.) Take the name Miramonte. A literal translation for mira monte could easily be “mountain view” or “look to the mountain”. But there are other ways to translate. According to, mira as a noun could be rendered as “sight”. One way to put these two together would be to use the word “aim.” also translates “monte” a mount or large hill. As a mountain, mount, our large hill, all of these are places of elevation or a “high place”. So, one rendition of mira monte could be to “look or aim to the higher places”, or “aiming high”.

So, we will call this quarterly newsletter “Aiming High”. It derives from our “Miramonte” school name, and we believe it is something we do. We are aiming high: Aiming High for academic standards, student development, and Christian goals. We hope that each of you will also strive to “aim high” in your own life.