Hot LuncH Program

You must provide a lunch for your child every day through either our hot lunch program or by sending a lunch with your child from home.   Sharing of food from lunches and snacks between students is NOT allowed per Miramonte policy, and parents should NOT offer food or snacks to other students.  

Parents of children who have food allergies or special nutritional needs should document these needs with the Teacher and the Miramonte office prior to the first day of attendance.  


On Mondays – Thursdays, parents can pre-order a lunch for their students from School Eatery, the meals will be delivered to Miramonte each morning.  Parents must sign up for an account and add their children at  , use code MMCS.  Orders must be placed and paid for no later than 5 pm the day before and can be ordered for up to two months in advance.  You can also download the School Eatery app - search for 'hot lunch' and when it asks for your domain, enter "schooleatery".

Each Friday a different Miramonte classroom sponsors a hot lunch fundraiser. The proceeds from this lunch benefit that classroom and help pay for field trips, class activities, and enhancements to the curriculum. Order Friday morning in classroom, the menu and price is published in the Miramonte Mainspring - the school newsletter that is sent home every Monday (or the first school day of the week if Monday is a holiday) and can be accessed on the Miramonte website, click here.  

If you prefer to not utilize the hot lunch program, you need to send a lunch with your child every day. 

  • Each classroom has a microwave that can be used to RE-HEAT ONLY (no full length cooking times) student lunch items in microwave safe containers from home. 
  • Please provide your child with all needed utensils, condiments, napkins and re-heating instructions.  
  • To minimize classroom interruption, lunches that are brought on campus after the school day begins are to be left with the Miramonte office staff who will make sure your child receives their lunch prior to lunch time. 

Food may be eaten only during lunch or snack breaks designated by the teacher or After School Care supervisor and consumed in designated areas only.  We encourage parents to send lunches and snacks that are healthy and low in sugar.  Snacks should consist of foods that do NOT need heating or any additional preparation.  Gum is NOT allowed on campus as it causes difficult problems for the custodians, buildings, litter disposal and health of everyone on campus.  

There is NO lunch period and no Hot Lunch Program on minimum days.  If your student is remaining at school on a minimum day, please provide them with a lunch.  There may be a snack fundraiser sale scheduled on minimum days - please check the Mainspring and classroom newsletters for current information.