Each year, the Miramonte Christian School students connect with generous individuals like yourself, asking you to sponsor them for either an amount per lap or a single amount flat rate or both.  

  • You may pay by cash or a check payable to Miramonte Christian School, those may be given to the student or sent to the school office.  
  • If you prefer to pay with a credit card, click on the "Pay Online" button below and Please enter the student’s full name (first and last) and their grade plus the word "Walk-a-thon"  into the Company field.  For example, “John Doe 2nd Walk-a-thon” for a student with the first name John, and last name Doe and in the second grade at Miramonte.

Note: Please type the student's first and last name in the "Company Name" field and add the word Walk-a-thon