Miramonte Christian School

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Quality Seventh-day Adventist Education Since 1906

Nurture ~ Empower ~ Inspire

Miramonte nurtures a whole child education
by building upon the strengths of our diverse
cultures, learning styles, and spiritual backgrounds
to create compassionate citizens,
discerning leaders and
purpose-empowered individuals.

We seek to empower each student by creating an environment that embraces each child's unique learning style, interests, and strengths.

Miramonte covers preschool through 8th grade

in single-room classes.

We offer extra-curricular activities including sports, music, and Lego robotics.

We accept students from all backgrounds, provide open enrollment, and on average our students score one whole grade level above average on standardized tests.

Our focus includes a strong academic program

in a rich spiritual environment

with 97% of our students going on to attend college. 

Miramonte is committed to helping each
student identify and embrace their unique gifts.

We inspire a culture of acceptance and empathy, 

including a comprehensive anti-bullying program.

Our students actively participate in community
service projects and the curriculum is routinely augmented with hands-on learning experience
field trips to inspire wonder and curiosity.

A majority of our teachers have

or are working on their master’s degree,

with over 200 years of combined experience.

Miramonte provides a rich diversity

in experiences, cultures and backgrounds.

We would love to show you why

generations of students have been

nurtured, empowered, and inspired

at Miramonte! 

Many of our graduates work in today’s most needed fields such as STEM for example, at some of the USA's top institutions including Stanford, Boston University Children’s hospital and ….

Explore our website www.miramonteschool.org, discover what we have to offer and how you can become part of our Miramonte family!   

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